Annie B. Wiebe

Account Executive

Growing up in Virginia, Annie knew she wanted to work in entertainment from a young age, singing Mariah Carey covers into her recordable tape player and staging short plays for her family and neighbors. She finally got her chance to move to Southern California when she graduated from William & Mary and moved to San Diego, where she had begun doing stand-up comedy during her internship at a law firm the previous summer. Over the next six years, she gradually transitioned into production and writing, and finally, by the hands of providence, landed at VOX. With a background in production, acting, and writing, Annie comes to VOX with diverse experience from which she has developed unique and well-rounded insights that are an asset to the agency, clients and buyers.


Matthew Weiss


Matthew Weiss has worked in voiceover for over eight years and oversees the promo & narration department at VOX.  Using his honed skills for branded content, he loves connecting the perfect sound to each specific market.  Driven, passionate, and relentless, he excels in elevating his repertoire of professional voice actors and meeting the needs of a diverse array of buyers.  If you’re looking for class and grace when searching for voiceover, Matt’s your guy.

Matt grew up in Scranton, PA and graduated from Boston University.  He’s lived in Los Angeles for over a decade and looks forward to many more positive years.  He’s a proud member of the VOX team and would love to work with you.


Wes Stevens

Wes has advocated for talent for 17 years. He started in Columbus, Ohio at a small agency booking Ginsu Knife commercials in Tagalog and various other exotic tongues, while also marshalling elves and Sammy Davis, Jr. impersonators to gigs at malls and Shriner rallies. In 1995 Wes joined Talent Group, Inc. (TGI) in Los Angeles as an assistant. Seven years later, he acquired TGI's voice-over department and launched VOX, Inc. His first booking of note was placing David Hyde Pierce in "A Bugs Life" and the journey took him back to Pixar in 2009, placing Ed Asner in "Up". Along that road there have been many campaigns, series, films, fond memories, and fun. Wes loves his staff and is excited for the ever growing future of VOX, Inc.

Wes is an Army Brat, growing up in eight States and Karlsruhe, Germany. Wes is an Eagle Scout. His alma mater is The University of Virginia. Mr. Jefferson is one of his heroes. He has completed seven marathons, raising funds for various charities. He lives in West Hollywood with his two dogs, Ms. Penny Fontaine and Mr. Franc N Cents. Wes has a Shaman, a Medicine Woman, an Acupuncturist, a Feng Shui Master and various other interesting folks in his life, and a cape on the back of his office door. He has a penchant for the mystical, whimsical, and jazz hands. He likes the color orange and has 38 days’ worth of music on his computer


Tom Lawless


Tom graduated from Villanova University with a degree in Finance in 1998. He started out as an assistant in the voiceover department at TGI (Talent Group, Inc.) in 1999. He worked his way up and became an agent late in 2000 and helped start up VOX, Inc. in 2002 with owner Wes Stevens. Over the years he's helped build and strengthen VOX in all areas of voiceover and is now President of Vox, and a partner.

Tom grew up in Duxbury, MA and has lived in Los Angeles since 1999. He has, however, kept his Boston sports allegiances along the way. If he's not in the office you can probably find him at his local Boston pub catching one of his teams in action (except for football where he's a Giants fan. He'll explain once he gets to know you better).


Alyssa Gentile


Standing at just 5’1”, Alyssa manages to capture the attention of any room with her infectious spirit and personality. Connecting with talent on both a personal and professional level is what sets Alyssa apart from the average talent agent. As a natural negotiator, she can be both calm and collected, while still holding an air of mystery and strength of will that delights as well as motivates the talent and buyer alike. With Alyssa’s intense passion and dedication to voice-over and talent representation, she takes care of VOX clients and buyers and fights for their endless success and mutually beneficial relationships.

"Though she be but little, she is fierce." - Shakespeare


Jason Merrell

Audio Director

After receiving an AA in Video Production from The American College in London, England and a BFA in Video Production from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Jason returned to his native Pacific Northwest as a film editor, where he worked on several independent productions. His editing work eventually brought him to Los Angeles where he worked at New World Films. Switching gears, Jason joined the team at Talent Group, Inc. as an assistant and was quickly promoted to Audio Director. He stayed with the crew when Wes Stevens formed VOX, Inc., where he continues to guide the agency's competitive reads.

When not directing actors by phone, e-mail, or in the booth, attending clients’ films, plays, and sessions, or networking at industry conventions, workshops, and Soirees, Jason can most likely be found on a trendy dance floor, in a dive karaoke bar, or at any number of Repertory Movie theatres around town.


Emily Cohen

Assistant to Tom Lawless

Hailing from New York City, Emily has been interested in entertainment since the age of four, due to watching Power Rangers on television all the time. Since then, she graduated from multi-colored costumed heroes to move to Los Angeles, where she landed first on a voiceover desk and then at Marvel Entertainment. When she realized her true love is voiceover representation, Emily was thrilled to become a part of the VOX team.

When she’s not at work, you can find Emily cooking, marathoning endless episodes of TV, and discussing every character and episode of TV Joss Whedon has ever created. All at the same time.


Nathan Brandt

Co-Founder & CBDO of Vox Social

Nathan has spent the last 15 years working in Business Development for companies in Australia, Europe and the United States. He is a driven business development leader with an interest in using new ideas and technologies to enhance customer experience. He has constantly demonstrated his talents working alongside top-level talent while assuming increasingly complex roles. He prides himself on an easily adaptable, collaborative working style that inspires and motivates teams to achieve excellence.

Through working with great companies he has managed to increase and continues to increase his knowledge and network to allow him to work with organizations anywhere in the world.

Nathan has joined the team at VOX to bring his expertise in technology, brand marketing and business development to head up the newest division of VOX, VOX Social, specializing in Social Media Management and Digital endorsements, connecting culture-makers with the content they need to build their online communities and personal revenue streams.