• Avatar

    So, there was this little Indie movie called Avatar... anyway, Julene Renee was in it, and in it, and in it. One of Julene's specialties is being so flexible she can confuse the computer. Eat your heart out Watson. She's what we mean when we ask' "Can you capture THIS?!"
  • Devil May Cry

    If we could crown a "Mr. MoCap" Reuben Langdon would definitely be in the conversation. Acting chops, ninja skills, and a fearless ability to throw himself off buildings and be okay make him a triple threat. Watch his demo and you might NEVER want to do what he does. Even thinking about it, the "devil may cry."
  • L.A. Noire

    Rockstar pioneered a new level of facial capture with LA Noire. Who were some of those faces? Voxians Keith Szarabajka, Adam Harrington, and Michael Cornaccia to name a few. Rockstar, you're under arrest... for being awesome!
  • Mars Needs Moms

    Mars might have needed moms, but they had no shortage of amazing MoCap talent. Julene Renee, Jacquie Barnbrook, and Adam Jennings to name a few.
  • Real Steel

    Dan Theodore knows a lot of ways to hurt people since he fights in the UFC, but how do you hurt a robot? Watch Real Steel to find out. He'll be the shiny metallic looking one making Transformers look like toys. Oh wait, they are.
  • Red Dead Redemption

    Red Dead Redemption is one of the grittiest games ever made, but no video game matches the true-life grit of Anthony Delongis, who Mo-Capped Marshal Leigh Johnson. If there's a way to kill a small furry creature from between 5 and 30 yards, Anthony's an expert. How gritty you ask? He's in the hatchet throwers hall of fame... nuff said.
  • Saints Row 3

    Maggie McDonald and America Young helped helped Mo-Cap Saints Row 3, which we were excited about 'cause we got to look our mothers in the eye and say "Mom! I have to play it for work!...Sheesh!" Thanks Maggie and America.
  • Uncharted 2

    You want to talk about amazing video game performances? Let's talk Claudia Black's portrayal of Chloe Frazier in Uncharted 2. We didn't want to finish playing this game. If they make a movie with this character and Claudia's not in it, it'll be a word I won't mention, but it'll rhyme with "travesty."